Raster 2 Vector

Geographic Transformer127.35 MB
Geographic Transformer contains the most powerful raster transformation tools available today allowing for higher order math transformation models, up to fifth order polynomial, for true warping and accurate reprojectionDownload

Map Maker Gratis3.80 Mb
Georegister images by multiple points with RMS, two known points, single point + known scale, single point + known distance, or known extent of image.External Link

WiseImage   18,538kb
A basic hybrid drawing editor for scanned color images. WiseImage is targeted to the A/E/C, CAD, GIS and Reprographics markets. External Link

Draftsman Plus   Unknown
Raster to Vector Conversion software External Link

GTX   Unknown
Raster to Vector Conversion External Link

GeoTiff Examiner   Unknown
allows raster images in the TIFF format to be georeferenced in two different manners External Link

ImageGeoref   12 Kb
This extension provides tools, buttons and menus to geo-reference images Download

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