Map Maker Gratis3.80 Mb
Model and animate terrain from point, line, or surface data. Delineate watersheds, line of sight, render forests and water. Use data including USGS, Shuttle Radar Topography, Surfer, ArcGrid, and Idrisi32, and moreDownload

3DSM319 Kb
AutoCAD R12, R13 Add-on for Terrain ModellingDownload

DEM3d_1002.1 MB
DEM3d Viewer version 1.0 from the USGSDownload

dXm is for 32 bit windows and is easy to use. It triangulates 5,000 points in less than 1 minute on a PII processor running at 500MHz. It can save contours to a DXF file to be imported into AutoCAD or other CAD software. dXmPlus created contours and cross sections from a triangular mesh. Contours can be exported to a DXF file, or printed. Data input is via .XYZ, .TXT, .PRN and .CSV files. A fully working copy is available for a 5 day free evaluationDownload

MicroDEM 4.0Unknown
3D visuallization software from the US ArmyExternal Link

Surface IIIUnknown
software for creating contour displays of 3-D surfacesExternal Link

Explore photo-realistic 3D environments from satellite imagery and photosExternal Link

Triangulator is a MapInfo plug-in for creating contour mapsExternal Link

XSect is an Av3x extension that displays vertical profiles of point data. This lets you look at your data "from the side" to show how values vary with depth or elevation along transects. It's not free but its cheap!External Link

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