Coordinate tranformers

Eye4Software Coordinate CalculatorUnknown
The Eye4Software Coordinate Calculator is an easy to use desktop software tool, to convert coordinates from one coordinate system to another. It can also be used to convert coordinates between different horizontal map datums. The software can be used to convert a single coordinate, or to convert a batch of, for example, gps coordinates read from a comma separated file.External Link

p4Vis to GEO-TRACKIT: PROJ4 VisualizerUnknown
  • A utility to convert and visualize coordinates for projections supported by PROJ.4. Has the ability to scale and overlay Google Maps to a coordinate location.
  • Convert coordinates between projections using the PROJ.4 library.
  • Visualize coordinates and objects on a world base map.
  • Overlay, blend, and capture Google Maps to verify features.
  • Imports from almost any source containing WKT or WKB.
  • External Link

    SAIC GeoRover® Software Products for ESRI® ArcGIS® DesktopUnknown
  • Locus Track: Powerful tools for point, line, and polygon importing, creating, editing, and exporting. Add coordinate attributes (Lat/Lon, DD, DM, DMS, UTM, MGRS, or XY) to any point layer for coordinate conversion. Coordinate attributes are verified and updated each time point features are moved or edited. Wizard-driven import of points, lines, or polygons from coordinates in delimited text, Excel® spreadsheet, database (Access, Oracle®, SQL Server®), or even semi-structured copy/pasted text.
  • Zoom Tools and Coordinate Viewer extension: Interface performs instant coordinate conversion between all supported coordinate formats: DD, DM, DMS, UTM, MGRS, and XY. Copy any individual coordinate from map to clipboard with single-click or use coordinate lists tool to copy multiple coordinates.
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    Copan is a very functional and easy-to-use, geomatics engineering tool for computing and managing plane coordinates. It does numerous coordinate geometry (COGO) calculations, processes and adjusts raw field survey data, computes and adjusts map traverse data, performs map checks, calculates areas and perimeters, performs coordinate transformations, and imports/exports Ascii files. It supports quadrant and whole- circle bearings, and gons (or grads) as well as degrees. It is available for Windows and two mobile platforms, PalmOS and PocketPC. The Windows version also supports south- as well as north-based bearings. The mobile versions also calculate curves and have GPS positioning and navigation functions. Note: A valid email address is required for a password and for news of updates.External Link

    Convert coordinates between Geographic, State Plane, UTM, NAD27, and NAD83External Link

    D/M/S ConverterUnknown
    converts angles from decimal degrees, minutes, and seconds. Degrees and minutes are also supportedExternal

    DMS to LLUnknown
    Java app to convert from DMS to LLExternal Link

    DMS2DEG2 Kb
    An improvement enabling coordinate conversionDownload

    Find SPC Zone by countyUnknown
    Determine State Plane Zone by CountyExternal Link

    Geo Tran260 Kb
    accurate conversions between various systems of location, including Alberta legal land descriptions (ATS), latitude and longitude (lat-long) and UTM coordinatesDownload

    Geocalc 4.202 MB
    Converts coordinate data files between most of the commonly- used mapping systems world-wideDownload

    Geodedic to XYZUnknown
    Convert between Geodetic Latitude-Longitude-Ellipsoid_ht and XYZ on the GRS80 EllipsoidExternal Link

    Geoid Height CalculatorUnknown
    Determines the geoid height for any position in the USExternal

    NGS Geodedic to UTMUnknown
    converting between Geodetic Positions and UTMExternal Link

    NGS Geodetic to State PlaneUnknown
    Convert Geodetic Positions to State Plane CoordinatesExternal Link

    PermaTIC10 Kb
    This MapInfo application allows having dynamic "permanent" Lat/Lon [x/y] labels displayed in the map windowDownload

    SPZ LocatorUnknown
    FREE utility which allows you to locate State Plane codesExternal

    State Plane TO GeodeticUnknown
    Convert State Plane Coordinates to Geodetic PositionsExternal Link

    Converts coordinates in data files from one geographic coordinate system to another. Tralaine's Coordinate System Dictionary includes over 1,000 coordinate system definitions and you can modify any of these or define your own. Handles 15 widely used file formats, converts from NAD27 to NAD83 or between any two of the 161 Datums in its Datum Dictionary. Now supports batch processing!External Link

    UTM to GeodeticUnknown
    Convert between Geodetic Positions and UTMExternal Link

    XYZ to GeodeticUnknown
    Convert between Geodetic Latitude-Longitude-Ellipsoid_ht and XYZ on the GRS80 EllipsoidExternal Link

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