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Gmap412/12/11Gmap4 - Share Enhanced Google Maps
Gmap4 is an enhanced Google Map viewer that displays 1:24,000 topographic maps for the USA. It can also display several file formats including KML and KMZ files. Gmap4 can read those files from where they are hosted almost anywhere online. Since the initial map view is specified by URL parameters, it is perfect for running in an iframe. You can search, print, display a UTM grid, get the current magnetic declination, display labels on waypoints and shift to a 3D view. Gmap4 has no ads, no banners, no spam. It is 100% free for non-commercial use and is all map all the time. Since it runs online, you do not need to download or install anything.

GPS Mapping Studio12/05/11Eye4Software GPS Mapping Studio
The Eye4Software GPS Mapping Studio, is a professional GPS/GIS mapping software tool, which can be used in numereous applications. It can be used to view, edit, convert, import- and export maps, or to track your position in real-time

SuperPad 310/05/11GIS/GPS Mobile Software
SuperPad 3
• Incorporates complete mapping, GIS, and GPS functions.
• Facilitates field tasks with a variety of mobile devices.
• Helps improve field efficiency and productivity.

GEO-TRACKIT: GPS08/24/10GPS tracking application
• NMEA compatible GPS tracking.
• World base map.
• Google overlay.

Geographic Tracker03/24/08GPS interface tool for Windows
The leading GPS interface tool for Windows! GPS answers the significant world demand for accurate, viable and cost effective positioning systems. The Geographic Tracker delivers all of the power and utility of GPS to the Windows environment by allowing you to link a GPS receiver to other Microsoft Windows applications through standard Windows DDE messaging. This standard "plug-and-play" GPS interface component supports most of the leading GPS receivers on the market. Simply plug your GPS receiver into the serial port of a computer running Windows and the Geographic Tracker will GPS-enable your applications

GeoRover® Digital Data Tracker Extension02/08/10SAIC GeoRover Software
The SAIC GeoRover® Digital Data Tracker geographic information system (GIS) extension provides flexible GPS software tools that easily work with field collected data including data collected from geotagging devices and can support real-time GPS navigation. Downloads track logs and waypoints from GPS receivers into new or existing ArcMap™ layers. Supports Garmin® GPS receivers (serial and USB), Magellan® (serial) and NMEA GPS protocols. Georeferences and plots field data (digital images, video clips, audio recording, etc.) by correlating the data with the GPS information. Export ArcMap display and layers into interactive HTML file with hyperlinks and user-defined pop-up labels. Upload specific waypoint or routes to a GPS receiver

Geovative Solutions03/24/08Provider of GeoTours
Offers GeoTours, which provides users the ability to easily and quickly create GPS tours that can contain images, audio, and text associated with geographic locations. Tours can be shared on the website and downloaded into a number of GPS and non-GPS devices including numerous Garmin GPS devices, smartphones/PDAs, iPods, and Google Earth. Garmin TourGuide format and others are supported.

DNR Garmin12/04/01 Reads Garmin GPS data into Av
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, GIS Section would like to formally announce the release of a new extension for ArcView 3.x that links Garmin Brand GPSs to ArcView. This extension, called DNR Garmin - ArcView, uses a Visual Basic program to facilitate communications between ArcView and the GPS unit via a serial port. The Visual Basic program can also function independently of ArcView. It will collect Waypoints and real-time data that can be saved to a text file for transfer to ArcView at a later time {navigate to the ArcView extensions page and through the disclaimers to the Garmin GPS Utility page}.

GPS2CAD09/06/01 Convert GPS points to AutoCAD
GPS Receivers can now output their database file into an AutoCAD program. GPS2CAD is a new program that allows you to connect your hand held GPS Receiver to your computer, download your waypoints, and plot them in AutoCAD. Modestly priced, this new program is a tremendous timesaver and convenience! It even lets you relocate your plot with the first point of your traverse at a specified coordinate. Works on Garmin 12 and AutoCAD 14, 2000 and 200i.

3DEM08/10/00 Terrain Visualization and Flyby Animation
3DEM for Win95/98 and WinNT will produce three dimensional terrain scenes and flyby animations from a wide variety of freely available data sources including: USGS Digital Elevation Model (DEM) files; USGS Spatial Data Transfer Standard (SDTS DEM) files; USGS Global 30 Arc Second Elevation Data Set (GTOPO30 DEM) files; NOAA Global Land One-km Base Elevation (GLOBE DEM) files; NASA Mars Digital Topographic Map (DTM) files; any topographic data file organized by rows and columns of elevation data; and internally generated Mandelbrot fractals. For further information, see

AirPlan08/10/00 Global Flight Planning Software
AirPlan is an easy to use, graphical user interface based flight planning program for general aviation pilots. AirPlan uses great circle routing to plan flights anywhere on the earth. Works with Windows 95/98/NT/2000. Key features include: point and click route planning; easy designation of alternate airports; automatic airplane climb and cruise performance calculations for defined airplane types, taking into account air temperature and altitude; automatic calculation of headings, airspeeds, time, distance, and fuel consumption including corrections for magnetic variation and wind; high resolution global color coded terrain imagery in 1 minute blocks for the entire earth; a user editable database, allowing the creation and modification of airport data, navaid data, waypoint data, and airplane data; and the ability to save, print, and modify flight plans. For further information, see

FUGAWI08/10/00 FUGAWI Complete Navigation System
FUGAWI is a complete navigational system that makes powerful use of the extraordinary GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM. With FUGAWI, you easily create accurate digital maps from any scanned map or existing map database (ie. BSB MARINE CHARTS or USGS TOPOGRAPHIC MAPS). Then, in real-time navigation mode, your exact position is displayed on the map as you move and new maps are automatically loaded as you travel to new areas. For further information, see

G7toWin08/10/00 GPS to PC Data Transfer
G7ToWin is a Windows 9X/Windows NT 4.0/Win2K program designed to transfer data between Garmin or Lowrance/Eagle GPS units and a PC. The program supports download (transfer from the GPS to the PC) of waypoints, tracklogs, routes, events (Lowrance/Eagle units only), and for those units which support it, dowloading a copy of the current display as a Windows bitmap. . For further information, see

GPS CoursePlotter08/11/00 Race-course Positioning System
The GPS CoursePlotter is software designed to work in conjunction with stationary or handheld GPS (Global Positioning System) Navigator(s) to provide the fastest and most accurate race-course positioning system in the world. For further information, see

GPS Pilot Cartographer08/11/00 Import Maps into Palm Pilots
Cartographer is a PC freeware that helps you to build your own world maps database for your Palm. Get your maps from the digital Atlas (Internet, CDsRom) or scan your own and in a moment download them into your Palm. For further information, see

GPSdb08/11/00 Maintains Waypoints for Garmin GPS
GPSdb is a 32bit application designed to help maintain waypoints, tracks, routes, etc. for Garmin GPS systems. It also logs and displays NMEA data. It is shareware. There is a limit of 50 waypoints without registration. However, all other functionality including routes, tracks, groups, import/export, upload/download, and NMEA is unrestricted. For further information, see

GPS Pilot Topographer08/11/00 PC to Palm Pilot Database Transfer
Topographer is the PC application that adds the ability to import data from locational databases into compliant GPS Pilot data. It enables modifying, importing and exporting positional data between a Palm device and a PC. It also allows transferring GPS Pilot databases into readable text files. For further information, see

GPSMap08/10/00 GPS Navigation
The GPSMap program is an elaborate GPS navigation program using any type of map in bitmap (BMP) format. The user can directly determine its position on earth which is shown with a cross hatch on the map. Digital dials next to the map continuously show speed, position (lat/lon), height, bearing, compass, date and time etc. In addition, a speech module continuously tells the user this information. The program uses the moving-map principle and the user can easily zoom in to the map (5 levels deep). Maps can be downloaded from the internet or scanned by the user (not supplied by us). While in motion, the program stores all route data (speed, position, height, bearing, date and time) which can be played back later so one can see exactly what route was followed and which places were visited at any time. Furthermore, the program offers many more user-friendly features. For further information, see

GPSS08/10/00 GPS Software for Navigation & AVL
GPS Software for Navigation & AVL, with free maps & sounds for any country. For automatic vehicle location & tracking, via radio, cellphone, or satellite. For further information, see

GPS TrackMaker08/10/00 GPS to PC Communication
GPS TrackMaker Version 10 is a utility which enables communication between PC and GPS. Some features include: creates, edits and deletes tracklogs, routes and waypoints; calculates length, instantaneous and average speeds in tracklogs; makes possible to insert several scanned map images in the background; recognizes PCX5, Waypoint+, Map/Info and Arc/Info (E00) files; and has a "Real Time Navigation" function. For further information, see

GPS Utility08/12/00 GPS Utility for Manipulating GPS Info
GPS Utility is an easy-to-use application that provides management and manipulation of GPS information. You can use it to transfer data to/from a GPS receiver and store the data in PC files in one of several text formats. The program converts between different map datums and many coordinate formats (Lat/Long, UTM/UPS, country grids etc.). Information can be filtered in various ways and waypoints sorted according to specified criteria. Using a scanned in bitmap you can digitize waypoints, routes and tracks. Route and track statistics are available and can be transferred into other programs for ananlysis (i.e. spreadsheet programs). You can plot your GPS information as a map and add map annotations in text or image form.. For further information, see

PanTerra09/26/01 Catalog of Over 1.6 Million Waypoints
PanTerra makes it easy to plan and visualize your next outdoor adventure. TopoGrafix has cataloged over 1.6 million waypoints throughout the United States, each listed by name, feature type, longitude/latitude, elevation, and USGS quad. PanTerra's powerful search capabilities lets you easily sift through this massive database of geographic information, sorting by location, feature type, elevation, quad name, and distance or bearing from any other location in the database. Built-in search templates reduce common queries to a single click, and our advanced PowerFinder feature lets you build sophisticated custom searches. As you move between locations, PanTerra automatically updates the distance and bearing to the thousands of other features in your state. Once you have found the locations you need, you can easily download the waypoints to your GPS, and print out a matching printed list to refer to on the trail. For further information, see

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